Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nose Ache

 If you head down to West End Citycat terminal, it's a pretty sad sight. There's nothing left of the walkway or the pontoon with the exception of the two vertical posts sticking out of the water. A couple of steel drums stop you from falling into the muddy mangroves. You can do the outdoor equivalent of pressing your nose up against the window by looking across the river to St. Lucia and seeing the Citycats in their temporary new terminus.



Dianne said...

Every photo tells a story - I like the way the light picks up the touch of rust on the drums.
"Adelaide and Beyond"

Annie said...

very sad.

I like the light on the uni buildings over there!

The drums remind me of the very inadequate fencing high above the Brisbane River where I stopped to take a photo on my way back from Toowoomba, weekend before last.
Three strands of wire was all that stopped me from tumbling I don't know how far down the sheer bank to the river below. Very scary.


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