Sunday, March 6, 2011

Clean Up Australia Day

It's a day when people all over the country volunteer to clean up a public area. Our local park has mangroves growing the length of it and all sorts of stuff had been caught in the roots there during the floods... it was awful to look at. This morning people got in there in their boots and gloves and pulled out all sorts of stuff. There were plastic bags, broken glass, polystyrene and plastic water bottles. Syringes, straws, cigarette butts, chocolate bar wrappers, clothing, toys..... Yuck!


Annie said...

Aha...very good ...
I thought I'd start at home!
It certainly needs tidying up!

Jim said...

It's great that they do this. Sadly, the littering and rubbish seems to be getting worse and worse in Sydney every year.

Leeds daily photo said...

Thats a really great idea, it would be good if we had something here in England. I do my bit but it is not enough.
Leeds daily photo

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