Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cat in a Hot Tin Roof

There were reports of Miaoowing at work the past few days. There was some confusion. We are a TV station at the top of Mount Coot-tha with no houses for miles and plenty of bushland in between. Not a very convenient place for a domestic cat to get stuck. At first we thought someone was editing a tv show starring a very upset cat... but then we would hear it in the engineering area, in the canteen, near the manager's office, in the toilets. Well... it turns out it was a domestic cat. How did it get here?? Who knows!

She was de-sexed, well looked after but didn't have a chip. Surely she couldn't have come all the way up the mountain?? I didn't meet her in person (thanks to Dave for the photos) but all reports are she had a beautiful calm nature despite her ordeal. One of the editors has taken her home to be looked after properly. If this is your cat and you want her back, get in touch!


Julie said...

I am a sucker for cats! I love her clean looking lines.

biebkriebels said...

She looks a bit like my Pimmie, lovely face.

Leeds daily photo said...

I quite like cats, though I could not eat a whole one, only kidding it winds up my cat owning friends. Good that she has found a new home.

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