Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spiderweb in the drizzle

Looks like another grey day today in Brisbane. Even the spiders have disappeared.


Anonymous said...


Alan said...

Personally, I'm always happy if the spiders in Brisbane go AWOL. I've never seen such massive house spiders. Lovely photo, mind.

observer said...

fishnets for houses

observer said...

it took me a while to understand people's fear of spiders. "it's just a spider" had always been my refrain"

some time ago, when i was livign in an old house in brisbane, a girlfriend from england visited me. she said she heard a thud on the bed but didn't see what it was. i said it was probably a huntsman spider. and she got even more scared. she constantly checked the sheets etc for next week ... i finally realised how scary they might be to someone who didn't grow up with them or who had an aversion to hairy creepy crawly things.

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