Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tim Minchin and the Queensland Pops Orchestra

Here's a shot from last night's fabulous concert at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.
 If you like ginger pacifist athiest comedians who express themselves through song , this is the man for you. And the orchestra were amazing too.  


Mrs Santa said...

Tim M really rocks! You lucky ducky - but I went out too - to an anti coal mine meeting!

Diversity adds to the richness of life!

observer said...

when i saw the headline, i thought "nick minchin?? what on earth is he ...? oh, it's tim minchin."

Mozette said...

Oh, God, he's so funny... I love the way he's just so matter-of-fact.

Have you heard the song he's played called 'Boobs'? I saw his special on ABC2 earlier this year and couldn't stop laughing... so good!

Paddy said...

It's Peter Lomas in Mascara.
Starting to get a big following over here - I saw him on the side of a bus the other day.

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