Thursday, September 13, 2012

Viet strikes again...

One of Brisbane's more interesting taggers is Viet. This is high up on a fence on Boundary Street in West End. It's the third one I've spotted - all within about a kilometre of eachother. If you notice any more, give me a yell.
Other two here and here.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kurilpa Derby 2012

Every year, the residents of West End close off the main road, dress up and get on their bikes, scooters, prams, beds, office chairs, wheelie bins or whatever else they can put on wheels for a big party. There's a big parade followed by a series of whacky races. There's plenty of music, dancing and laughs to be had....


 The squid relay is disgusting but strangely mesmorising. Teams have to run with and transfer a squid to their team-mates using their mouths only. My thanks to Pete for these two fab photos below. I was standing right next to him at the first transfer point, camera poised, ready for action, when my camera suddenly stopped working. Aaargh! The memory card had filled up - what a schoolgirl error. I am still kicking myself. Anyway you can check more of his photos out here.

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