Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trying to keep the Scenic Rim scenic

Coal seam gas is being promoted as clean energy but a group of protesters near Beaudesert - about an hour's drive south of Brisbane - think otherwise; they -  farmers, greenies, and other concerned folk - are currently blockading a coal seam gas exploration rig; they are very worried that the process of gas removal will affect their underground water supply as has been the case in other places.  At this stage they are asking for an independent baseline water testing study so that the company will be forced to take responsibility for any future problems.

The protesters believe that the only way to prevent the country's water being thus affected is via political intervention - and elections are nigh!!!

Thanks to Nell for her help with this post.
Photo: Innes Larkin


Mrs Santa said...

This is not just a small country issue, coal seam gas mining could potentially affect ALL of Australia's water, so this is really about fighting for our country! So city and country folk, if you care and can, do join us - even for a little while. (Amazingly, arrests seem optional!) Go to for details - and a good read - then to facebook for constant updates.

AL said...

It's sad that progress always leaves casualties in it's wake...our resources are too valuable to destroy.

Jim said...

Good post.

Ann said...

I'm with them, nothing safe about fracking.

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