Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boggo Road Markets

The splendidly named Boggo Road Gaol first opened in 1883 and closed in the early 1990s. It was known for its overcrowding and poor conditions which lead inmates, during the 1980s, to riot and go on hunger strike.
Since then, the site has been redeveloped into the Boggo Road Urban Village which includes housing as well as a huge Ecosciences Precinct. They recently started up a market on the site every week which I went along to for the first time on Sunday. There was plenty of live music, kids running around, people lounging about on the grass stuffing their faces with all sorts of interesting food and drinking coffee and juices. Without those huge red brick walls, it would be easy to overlook the site's dark past.

If you haven't been and are thinking of going, I went on an overcast day and it was fine but if you plan to go when it's sunny, get there early as there's not much in the way of shade.

I just love the name Boggo Road.


Mozette said...

Being a Brisbanite, I have seen the place from the trains and when driving past. However, I've never been inside for a tour.
But, I have heard it's haunted with the ghosts of the past and heard of weird stories from people experiences strange feelings of being pushed and shoved from behind. One fellow was pushed down a set of stairs on his tour of the place during his birthday; and the tour guide looked up the records and found that one of the inmates was executed on that day, which so happened to also be his birthday as well... creepy, don't you think?

cara said...

Yes! I picked up a leaflet about those tours while I was there - they look very interesting.

AL said...

Once I can actually manage a day off one weekend I am planning to visit the markets...sounds good. Thanks for jolting my memory.

Adam Thomas said...

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Chris Dawson said...

Nice pic - and here's a little update about those tours around the gaol

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