Saturday, January 21, 2012

Traffic Stopping Art (number 58)

I really like this newly painted box on Milton Road in Milton. The artwork is really bold and eyecatching - most people looking at them are in a car so the more bright and colourful the better. Also, the box is interesting from every angle. Two thumbs up from me! The artist is Frances Rowland Wregg and as you can see she has depicted John Milton for whom the suburb we are in is named.

Here's the back:

You can look up any painted box in Brisbane on the Urban Smart Projects website. They also show information about painted boxes further afield now in other parts of Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and even London.


Mozette said...

How beautiful and poignant is that! I love it! Gorgeous! :D

Rae Walter said...

That's fabulous Cara. Loved also the images on your link. Seems to be a very worthwhile community art project.

Stefan Jansson said...


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