Tuesday, August 16, 2011


As the moon rose on Saturday night, a few of us gathered to welcome the owners back to their house after a 7 month displacement across the road. 

At the height of the flood, they had canoed around the neighbourhood via back gardens and between houses - taking an unfamiliar route not dictated by paths. The water level here was about two thirds of the way up the windows of the upper floor. After the flood, the old wooden house had groaned and creaked and twisted itself dry. It became a higgledy-piggeldy house where no door fitted its frame, no wall was straight and no floor was even. From the vantage point of their little rented cottage across the road, they watched the builders come in and slowly, bit by bit, straighten the place back out again.

Now, they are back home and the place looks great. The walls are straight and, as we found out, the floor smooth enough to do the twist on.


Mrs Santa said...

Oh Cara, you know how to bring on the weepies, don't you? - you've taken us from sadness to joy - the full floody circle!


Kris McCracken said...

You'd have to be pleased with that!

Joanna said...

The photo looks warm and friendly, and Welcome Home to the inhabitants!

Ann said...

Must be good to be back home after such a long time.

Gemma Wiseman said...

What a wonderful welcoming ambience in this night lit scene! And your story behind the moment adds a wonderful, sensitive touch! A beautiful post!

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