Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Census Day 2011

The Australian Census of Population and Housing occurs every 5 years and is happening tonight all around Australia. This year is a bit of a landmark as it is the 100th birthday of the census. To celebrate, I decided to download the 1911 census and see how life was back then. I'm afraid there was just too much writing for the likes of me so instead I have provided you with the link in case you are interested and have a few days to spare.

Why the Vegemite? No clever reason... it was sitting there on the kitchen bench and I needed to add a bit more colour to the shot. I have grown to tolerate it spread thinly on hot buttered toast when I am extremely, eye-crossingly  hungry


Alan said...

Vegemite... urrgghh! Foul stuff!

Nice pic though.

Ann said...

Wonderful idea and terrific shot. I think you have to grow up with Vegemite to truly appreciate it.

Joanna said...

Census every 5 years? Wow, that's fairly often. Here, it's done every 10 years, and people still complain about it. However, it's necessary and provides a lot of information.

Vegemite? I've heard of it, but never tried it. I did find it once in a store here in Chicago but resisted buying it to try. Maybe next time.

cara said...

Joanna I've seen people trying it for the first time and the look of horror on their faces.. like "you EAT this?". It's very salty and gooey and burnt tasting. A bit like the scrapings of the bottom of a burnt saucepan.

Inner Artist said...

Vegemite - MMMMMMMMMMMMM! All that yummy black yeasty goodness. When we lived in the US many moons ago, I used to put Vegemite sandwiches in amongst the other sandwiches when entertaining and then delight in the looks on people's faces, and their comments, when they bit into them! I know, I'm awful, Muriel! Now, having both my offspring, and one little granddaughter, living overseas, Vegemite is top of their lists for treats from home.

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