Saturday, August 20, 2011

City Morning

This was taken back in steamy February, early in the morning from the 22nd floor of the Park Regis.


Julie said...

Tall city buildings all shoved together like that should not be allowed, I reggon! Down below is a freezing cavern where the wind blows a gale. Does down here anyways, but our temps are considerably lower than yourn.

cara said...

Yes we get the same wind tunnels here. The CBD always seems to have a highrise building going up. Usually two or three at a time. For years they have been trying to develop a 30 storey neighbourhood plan along the south side of the river but have had to deal with so many objections that so far that hasn't happened.

Alan said...

Do you get that reflected light on the streets from all the glass fronted buildings at a certain time of the afternoon? I used to love that in Melbourne, made for great photography lighting. The light in this one is pretty awesome too.

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