Monday, August 22, 2011

Europe "Lite"

Park Road in Milton has a distinctly European flavour to it with French, Italian and Spanish restaurants all spilling out onto the pavement. During the World Cup, this is the place to come - thousands of football lovers from near and far gather for the big matches and party all night. There are Roman-style statues on the street and there's even a miniature Eiffel Tower replica on top of one of the buildings.


Steve Capelin said...

You've made a very ugly street look exotic and attreactive Carta. well done. Camera's never lie??

Julie said...

mmm ... is this the Rugby WC? I adore Europe. It is my fave place other than here. But why do we try to remake here like there? Are we terrified that our lack of culture will be found out?

The same thing happens here in Sydney ... WHY??

cara said...

That's the football (soccer) world cup.

I suppose it's a bit naff. The Eiffel Tower structure is funny and more Vegas than Paris... but wherever you go, people tend to create little pockets of home (see Walkabout pubs in London). Maybe a plastic version of home for those who can't afford the flight is better than no version at all...?

Rae Walter said...

Like the way you have captured this street scene Cara. Makes it look interesting and as commented above, exotic. Great image.

Anonymous said...

I love that the replica Eiffel Tower is outside the Italian restaurant!

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