Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekend Reflections on Suncorp Stadium

Suncorp Stadium is waiting patiently for Wednesday's 'State of Origin' Rugby League decider. In Brisbane, this is a very big deal and it's likely to be a tad busier round here on the day of the game.

The stadium itself is in the Milton area and very close to a couple of neighbourhoods (you can see some of the houses reflected in the glass). It hosts big sports games but also music concerts and is often really loud. If the wind is right, you can hear it in my back yard in West End  - across the river and several kilometres away.

I heard once that if you live in one of the neighbourhoods in the shadow of the stadium then you get free tickets but I think it might just be a rumour. 


Carola said...

Wow, so cool. I like reflection shots when it is hard to tell what is real, what reflection.

Julie said...

And I gather it has come up really well after all that water.

the foto fanatic said...

I have to put in a plug for our mighty Reds who play a semi-final against the Blues from Auckland at Suncorp tonight. First time in the semis in a decade for the Reds.

That's in one of our other football codes, Rugby Union - the game they play in heaven.

Nice photo, BTW, Cara!

cara said...

Apologies for the rugby union oversight. Plug away.

However if they play any code of football in heaven I might check in for an extended stay in purgatory.

Ann said...

Wow, hard to tell what's the reflection. Wonderful colours.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Gorgeous colourful reflections Cara, had to work out which was the reflection.

Pierre BOYER said...

Great reflect!


Photos by Stan said...

Colorful and intriguing image!! It requires some time to wander around in it -- very nice!

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