Monday, July 25, 2011

Jane Street Community Garden

Jane Street Community Garden by Davies Park in West End is an established garden consisting of all sorts of herbs, vegetables, fruit and flowers. You can rent plots and join in the working bees, learn how to build an organic garden bed from scratch and pick up some great tips on growing local food. It's also just a beautiful place to stroll around. A few years ago when I was a person with time on my hands, I volunteered down here for a few weeks and helped build some new beds... and I got some great tips. After a hard morning's work, we all sat around and ate some of the food that we had picked.


Inner Artist said...

Love this. No surprise it's in West End. Let's hope the proliferation of new, up-market unit blocks, which is changing the demographic of this area, doesn't squeeze out this type of enterprise which is part of what gives West End its character. Love to get my hands on some of those veges!

Ann said...

Great idea. Should be more of them.

Lucas Kain said...

Indeed, more of those would make anyone happier. :) Still, I am not expecting to see any more soon. Hope is alive, though!

Simply Fone

Anonymous said...

We could have community roof gardens in the future.

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