Friday, July 29, 2011

On the radio yesterday

As part of a flood-recovery series, the local ABC radio station did an outside broadcast from our local sailing club yesterday... so I thought I'd go down and take some photos. The presenter on the right is interviewing two women plumbers (two of only fourteen women plumbers in the whole state of Queensland!) who helped people get back on their feet after being inundated. I got interviewed too it was very exciting!


Julie said...

Did someone take a photo of YOU being interviewed? The report gets released on Monday. That is going to be a finger-pointing-bunfight of mega proportions!!

cara said...

Someone did I think. I had a quick look on the website but didn't see it.

Oooh I love a finger-pointing bunfight.

Anonymous said...

muito interessante,
bom fim de semana!

Mrs Santa said...

I heard you, Cara - and my tears were flowing well before the end!

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