Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yesterday's Birthday Lunch at Pearl Cafe (and Animal theme day!)

My thanks to Joanna. I had completely forgotten about the theme day but she pointed out in the comments that as today's City Daily Photo theme day is "Animal" I could still enter! (apologies to my vegetarian readers)

Being that a friend and I share the same birthday, we felt like we should make a bit of an effort so we trotted off with a few of our frocked-up mates to the Pearl Cafe in Wooloongabba. I had the ploughman's lunch because I am a bit sentimental it reminded me of home.... except it was much fancier than any ploughman's lunch I've ever had in England. There was smoked Wagyu, leg ham, homemade pickles, pommery mustard, cornichons, sourdough, French butter, mature cheddar and a mouthwatering dark brown pickled onion which I think was preserved in balsamic vinegar and a watercress salad. It was glorious.

It probably should have been washed down with a mug of real ale if I was being a purist. I plumped for several glasses of ice cold sparkling wine instead. You need it in this heat, really.

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants and hopefully to see pictures of animals more alive than this one.


Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Happy belated birthday. Sounds as though you enjoyed yourself and I agree that your lunch looks and sounds scrumptious!

Mark said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Cara looks like a fantastic lunch.

Joanna said...

Happy birthday Cara. Your lunch looks very good, and even could be considered 'animal' for theme day!

cara said...

Thanks very much to all and particularly to Joanna - I am shamelessly going to officially participate in the Animal theme day.

bitingmidge said...

Great animal shot! (and Happy Birthday too.)

BTW, on an echindna the pricks are on the outside! ;-)

AL said...

The meal sounds and looks great...I will have to try this place sometime.

oh, and belated happy Birthday.

Mrs Santa said...

AND I knew it was your birthday and thought I must NOT forget -sorry- my sources tell me it was a great lunch!
Hooray for Cara!!!

diane b said...

Happy Birthday. That dead animal looks delicious to me.

Alan said...

I read this and popped down to the Wenlock Arms to have a pint of real ale in your honour. So you don't need to feel bad about that any more.

You really are very good at food shots. It's only 9am here and my mouth is watering.

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