Thursday, February 23, 2012

Masonic Temple, Ann Street

Completed in 1930, this impressive sandstone building sits on Ann Street. Being a Masonic Temple it has an air of mystery about it but if you check out the leaflets in the doorway, they give free tours, Monday to Friday at 2pm. Provided you perform the correct under-the-knee handshake.


Mozette said...

Aaah, the Lodge. My Grandpa (pity he's gone now), used to be a Grand Poo-bah and wear the red hat with a black tassel on top. I remember watching he leave once when I was young and not knowing where he went; and he never told us what they did there either.

Years later, I found out at his service I still wasn't told what the men of The Lodge did... yep, Secret Men's Business. :)

Joanna said...

Great angle to your photo Cara. I love buildings that have lots of beautiful things to see from any angle.

Jim said...

Great perspective.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Lauren in Brisbane said...

I've been having meetings in the building across the road lately - the view from above is just lovely.

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