Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rip and Roll

 This is the poster that has been in the news here recently.

It's a campaign by the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities to promote safe sex among gay men (you can just make out the red-wrapped condom that the guy is holding on the bottom left). After plenty of coverage all over Brisbane, the Advertising Standards Bureau received so many complaints that Adshel had to pull the plug on the whole campaign. Then there was the counter attack: people were up in arms. There was a rally outside Adshel. After an investigation, it was found that the complaints all came from members of the Australian Christian Lobby. Infact it had been an orchestrated campaign deliberately giving the impression that they were from the wider population and weren't linked in any way. So the ban was overturned and now all the posters are back and you can see them all over the place.

Which is good cos I reckon it's a great shot.

And the ACL gets a big eye roll from me.


Gemma Wiseman said...

The poster has established quite a history! And the message is about safety! I think the presenation of the message has been done very well! Great poster and great photo!

Alan said...

Australia does seem to be a bit behind the times on this one. I have a single, gay friend back in the UK who has adopted 2 kids. Nobody will believe me when I tell them that over here.

Sheran said...

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