Thursday, June 30, 2011

Game On!

When you have a game of street cricket around here, you get some old towels and lay them over the storm-water drains so that the ball doesn't go in. If you happen to leave one uncovered and the ball does go in, there's no shortage of volunteers willing to swing the drain open and go and get it.

Do you get in trouble for doing this? I'm not sure. You never know with Queensland. I've mosaic-ed the heads just in case!


Julie said...

I do not think there is a law that you are infringing. What people assume is 'law' is in reality, only manners.

Anonymous said...

I love that you've used the term "mosaic-ed" - sounds pretty.

Mrs Santa said...

Love the photo, love the words, love street cricket - and yes you were right to be wary - you just never know!

Rae Walter said...

Great to see someone volunteering to assist. Like the capture of street cricket. See it so rarely these days.

Alan said...

I think it only becomes a problem if you license the image in any way. Then you have to have a signed model release for any person in the photo who is "recognisable".

If you search street photography on Flickr, you'll see thousands of "candid" photos of people. In fact, I had a message the other day from a kite surfer who saw himself in a close up I'd posted. He didn't seem to mind too much - in fact, he asked me if I had any more shots:-)

A balmy 18 degrees in the UK yesterday. You must be so jealous..

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