Friday, June 10, 2011

Last night's roasted Queensland blue pumpkin and sage

I went to Moo Moo restaurant last night in the Port Office building to celebrate my fella's birthday. It reopened recently after being affected by the floods and is looking very snazzy. I think it may just be the poshest restaurant I've been to in Brisbane... with prices to match. But the food and wine were heavenly.


Inner Artist said...

LOVE roasted pumpkin, and it MUST be Queensland Blue! Mouth-watering photo - yum!

Alan said...

Very nice image, Cara. I love the out of focus glints on the cutlery(?). If this was a picture in a restaurant window, I'd go in and spend money.

Z said...

You know! I was on a diet! NOW! I'm hungry!
Great close up!

elsa said...

This looks yummy!

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