Sunday, April 3, 2011

Through The Window

through the window
through the passionfruit vine curtain
the early morning eastern sun
peeps over our building
warming the tops of the trees
green with a hint of orange

through the boughs of the scant jacaranda
the african tulip is exploding with flowers
crows find something to shout about
then lose interest and mutter under their breath instead
rainbow lorikeets chatter excitedly like kids in a playground
except noisier

time to wake up
the distant sound of the Citycat on the river
and the buses at the terminus
purring and chugging
in readiness for the day
and those other, more muted, early birds


Alan said...

Get you! Is there no end to your talents?! Nice photo, too.

Alan said...

PS - I hope you have a signed model release for this one..

Mrs Santa said...

Lovely photo! beautiful poem! - and all so "very" Brisbane; plus BONUS for the kid who didn't have to hang around while you took it /wrote it

Carola said...

Very creativ post. Great poem, fantastic photo.

Steve Capelin said...

Lovely image. Great poem. Captures my mornings in many ways except for the buses. Sadly I am out of reach of their gentle purring.

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