Saturday, April 9, 2011

Avid Listeners

Last night in our local bookshop Avid Reader, some of our local community gathered to tell our flood stories. It was a great night with plenty of funny and quirky stories. The atmosphere was buoyant and there were a lot of laughs. Some people jumped up on stage to say their bit while others just joined in from the audience. I finally got to meet another local blogger, Steve, who had organised the whole thing. He effortlessly steered the evening along, sharing the time out and sugueing between story-tellers like a pro. I brought along a few snaps from this blog to show people. There was even a familiar-sounding song to round the evening up - the chorus of which we picked up fairly quickly... 

Am I ever gonna see my place again?
No way! It's flooded! Mud off! 

And a top night was had by all!


Steve Capelin said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself Cara. great way to meet people. have a flood and then have a Flood Stories night.

Jane said...

Is that Cesca in the photo?

Nathalie H.D. said...

I certainly was an avid reader of your story and I went straight to Steve's blog to read more.

What a great community building evening!

(are there still many traces of the flood left in your area?)

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