Friday, April 1, 2011

April Theme Day: Edges

Today is the monthly theme day for City Daily Photo bloggers and this month the theme is Edges. I've chosen to show you the edges of the Brisbane river two months on from when they became a bit blurred and we all got a bit wet.  Things are still in repair mode with ferry stops and pontoons out of action. It makes me wonder. If it takes months for a city to clean up after a few feet of relatively tame water, how long for Japan?

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observer said...

whenever i think of "edge", i think of Elvis singing the "edge of reality" and the saying "the thin end of the wedge"

Jilly said...

Gosh that river is so full of mud, shows how high it still is. I like the way you've used today's word. Hope things are getting back to normal in Brisbane or as normal as possible after all you've been thru.

Alan said...

"we all got a bit wet" - I love the masterful understatement Cara!

Lachezar said...

Beautiful image. A subtle hint of what it was. Hope it is getting better!
Thanks for dropping by!

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