Saturday, August 14, 2010


Every year at this time, Brisbane puts on a big show that goes for about 10 days: formally known as the Royal Agricultural Show, it's now most commonly known as the Ekka (a strange derivitive of "Exhibition"). It is an institution in Brisbane. People young and old love it. It is a source of nostalgia and there is even a public holiday in its honour. It's when the country comes to the city.

As the old name suggests, it is first and foremost an agricultural event. You can watch sheep being shorn, parades of prize cattle, competitive wood chopping, horse show jumping, feed baby farm animals and you can check out prize poultry, fruit and vegetables. With a less agricultural emphasis, you can watch monster trucks, jousting, whip cracking, a man picking up a car battery with his nipples (see above), acts of magic, feats of strength and skill, theatrics, motorcycle stunt riders... and lots more. You can do cookery classes, wine appreciation or even beer appreciation (at the bar). You can visit all the fairground attractions...and stuff your face with Dagwood Dogs and Strawberry Sundaes. When you've decided on one of the gazillion showbags that you're going to buy you can collapse in a heap at the grandstand and gaze up at the fireworks wondering where all your money has gone.

I have successfully avoided the show now for 5 years. This picture was taken by my brother who is visiting at the moment and got roped into it by my daughter. Next year, I've got a feeling, I'm going.

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