Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moving The Dunny

This photo was taken over the weekend on a property a couple of hours outside Brisbane in Lamington, Qld. A group of our friends came together to help move an outdoor toilet - just a few metres -  to take advantage of a lovely new hole that had been dug. Having no door, the new position of the dunny ( for the uninitiated, Aussie slang for "toilet") affords stunning new views and unparalleled "at-one-ness" with the surrounding environment.


Mrs.Santa said...

'case you were wondering, folks, this is NOT the family dunny, just another definition of "party pooper".

Ann said...

A very Australian shot.

Annie said...

This is a bit like "how many Aussies does it take to shift the Dunny"?

10 and a tractor.

Wish I could have seen the view from the loo. Guess no-one was game to use it with that many people around!!!

CK said...

ha ha - only in Australia!!

Australia Daily Photo

Elaine coolowl said...

Not only a room with a view but a view with a room! Love 'party pooper'!

Superb photos and informative text - look forward each day to see the next photo. :-)

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