Monday, May 18, 2009

The Brookfield Show

I wasn't aware of the cultural significance of the Dagwood Dog until Saturday. This interesting/bizarre snack food is seemingly only eaten on Show days and is regarded with affection and a tinge of nostalgia by many Australians. By "Show", in Brookfield's case, I am talking about funfair rides, camel rides, pig racing, horse jumping, whip fighting, dogs rounding up ducks, live snake feeding, monster trucks, sheep shearing, motorbike stunt jumping, competitions for best looking chickens, flowers, fruit and vegetables, all sorts of cakes, jams, pickles, photography, art.... and to keep all those animals nice and perky, lots of fireworks.

But back to the Dog. What is it? Well, I must admit I wasn't game enough to give one a try but it's a saveloy, battered, deep fried and dipped in tomato sauce (ketchup).

Get it inta ya!


Lowell said...

I'd say this person is certainly enjoying the Dagwood Dog, of which I have never heard. Thanks for increasing my knowledge of our world.

Julie said...

I have not heard of a Dagwood Dog since my childhood! I should think that nutritionists would have a field day with this little beauty!

Annie said...

Ah, the Brookfield Show...I am so glad you got to see it! A little beauty. I loved to take my Mum out there...she and I used to put entries into the photography and the art (Mum)...and I missed it this year! Thanks for the reminder!

Paddy said...

That show sounds AMAZING! much better than the hanwell carnival... Whip Fighting? can anyone have a go??

Hey Harriet said...

I didn't know about the Brookfield Show. I'm sorry I missed it! I went to the Ipswich Show a couple of weeks ago and that was fun. Just did a little post about it. Including the dagwood dogs! Unlike you, I did eat a dagwood dog. Try one next time. They're disgustingly tasty ;D

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