Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ghost Town

A friend of mine reckons that at one point there were more dead in Toowong Cemetery than living in the whole of Brisbane. Right now, it is the final resting place for 120,000 people. Somewhat smaller than Brisbane's 2m population but still, the size of a small town or perhaps a really large music festival.

It is a gorgeous place to walk around with some beautiful old and new grave sites on 250 acres of steep hills with plenty of native trees and birds... and it's HAUNTED. And to make it even more scary, they shut the gates at night and give ghost tours wooooooOOOOOOOOOOo!!!!!!!!!


Owen said...

Hi Cara, this is fascinating, sounds like an interesting cemetery to visit... would love to see more photos with details of unusual tombstone stories / images. If you have a minute to look through the Magic Lantern Show, you'll see to what extent I have a bit of a passion for funerary art... among many other things. My daughter is counting the days now before her departure to Brisbane ! She is one excited teenager !

Kevin said...

Looks like a great cemetery. I love exploring them wherever I go. Can you post some detail shots?

A few are on my site at Cemetery Photos. Hope you can drop by.

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