Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Traffic Stopping Art (number 18)

Continuing the jungle theme from yesterday.... today's painted signal box is brought to you today by the local artist Alicia Lane. It's called West End Jungle and is on the corner of Vulture Street and Hampstead Road in Highgate Hill. Incase you were wondering, that's a possum on the front and a fruit bat on the side. You get large populations of both in Brisbane and they often like to make themselves heard at night. The possums are the ones that sound like a cappucino machine and the bats are the ones that sound like that other-end-of-the-telephone sound that you often used to get in cartoons.

Alicia Lane has 10 fabulous boxes under her belt - so far I have featured 2 others here and here.

1 comment:

Lowell said...

Very cute. How do you get any sleep with all those animals chirping about?

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