Saturday, May 7, 2016

The River Loop

There are thousands of cyclists in Brisbane. It has the perfect climate for it. The majority of Brisbane's cyclists choose cycling for fitness but the level of cycling commuters would probably shoot right up if it was safer to ride in and out of the city. Each candidate for the recent mayoral elections promised better cycling infrastructure but unsurprisingly that's all quietened down now that the elections are over.

One of the most well-trodden bike routes is called the River Loop and snakes around dedicated bikeways and streets on a 30-40km course (depending which bridge you cross) roughly following the river. If you live on one of these streets and are up before 7am, you will know all about it either from the whizz of bikes flying past at high speed or the seemingly too-loud conversations about bike cadence or how the stock prices in Woolies are looking.

Having said that, it's a great ride. If you can't beat em....

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Stefan Jansson said...

Cyclists are clever people. I photographed a world class mountain-biker a few years ago. Spotter her a few days ago, Still cycling but now trying to qualify for the Rio Olympics as a road race cyclist.

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