Friday, December 16, 2011

All Aboard The Six White Boomers Bus!

Each year for the last 15 years the bus depots in Brisbane have had a competition between themselves. They each dress up one of their buses for Christmas. This is the winning bus from this year's comp courtesy of the Bowen Hills depot and I think yule agree they have gone that extra mile. We've got tinsel on every pole, gum nuts and gum leaves, a huge Aussie flag and a fleet of kangaroos (Six White Boomers, no less) all roped up to a "sleigh" piled with presents at the back. There are all sorts of Australian Christmas references like...

A day at the beach! Inflatable palm trees, a bucket and spade, junk food and tinnies! 
There's even a thong tied up to one of the railings: 

(That's the footwear variety)

And let's not forget the native animals riding up the front - kangaroos, an emu, a kookaburra, a platypus, a wombat... and a few other things I don't recognise... all festively draped in tinsel!

I was having a chat to the driver (Hi Lyn!) and she said passengers love it. Everyone smiles. People take photos and really get into it. Some of the drivers dress up as Santa - it's hilarious.
One woman even told her that she hadn't been looking forward to Christmas until she got on the bus.

In case you were unaware of the Aussie classic hit "Six White Boomers" well I have a little treat for you here.


Mozette said...

What a great-looking bus! I've never seen anything like it! I just copy and pasted this to show one of my friends on FB... he'd love it. :)

biebkriebels said...

I can imagine passengers will become very happy entering such a bus. It mest be fun to ride in a decorated one.

Julie said...

Does it cost more to travel, like two dips instead of one?

Ann said...

Lovely. Haven't seen any of Sydney's yet, only on the news.

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