Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vintage Frocks

Despite Brisbane being extremely hot and humid in the summer, there are quite a few outlets around selling vintage 100% polyester non-breathable frocks in every colour of the rainbow. Why are they here?

* because women continue to sacrifice comfort in favour of fashion
* because the fabric has a half-life of 500 years
* the people who bought them the first time round can't give them away
* or maybe they died from heat exhaustion/asphixiation/spontaeous combustion

Either way, if you like looking like Margot from "The Good Life" while smelling like a Cornish Pastie then head one of Brisbane's many vintage fashion outlets.

P.S. If any of the friends who bought me a very special vintage poly frock recently are reading this, I love it and will be wearing it on Christmas Day all day even if it is 33 degrees and 90% humidity.


Inner Artist said...

I want one! Luscious colours, great photo.

Z said...


Julie said...

Nothing like cornish pasties ... yum ...

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