Thursday, October 6, 2011

Messing Around with Night Time Light


aaron said...

Nice! Did you use a filter to get that effect on the street lights?

cara said...

no! actually I didn't really know what I did. It was the first shot out of the camera and I still had all my daytime settings on it (apart from the shutter speed)

Gemma Wiseman said...

Stunning coours and a dramatic sense of light on the move!

Ann said...

You (or the camera) slowed the shutter speed to get the light trails and the starburst effect on the light.

cara said...

I just had a little look on the internet and found this snippet incase you want to try some starbursts:

"What conditions are necessary for starbursts?
* Small aperture (high f-stop) – small aperture holes are harder to form into perfect circles with aperture blades. Circular apertures begin to take more polygonal shapes at f/8 and higher. Also, diffraction is accentuated by small aperture holes since a greater percentage of the passing light is affected by the diffraction edges.
* An intensely bright and stationary light in the field of view – the setting Sun, a Christmas tree light or a lamp post will do nicely. A flickering candle, however, will not produce a starburst since the movement of the flame will result in a blur."


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