Monday, September 19, 2011

Refugee Totems, South Bank Parkland

For all of us who listen to the almost daily crapping on by Australian politicians about immigration and 'boat people'... here's a refreshing, beautiful, artistic look at refugess in Australia. There are 3 stone 'totems' which have text and artwork inlaid. The plaque nearby has this to say:

This artwork represents 'Memory Boxes and Suitcases' that convey the stories, memories, hopes and dreams of three refugee students that have undertaken remarkable journeys to become valued members of our community.
Each totem follows the story of a young student from their childhoods in far off homelands to their dreams for the future in Brisbane. Being the first example of art representing multiculturalism in the parkand, the work not only provides a voice to their experiences but will hopefully also encourage understanding in the greater community.

If you are in the area, I recommend a look. They are located near the big wheel at the top of the steps.


Julie said...

The crapping on is making me ill. Any antidote is welcome ...

Carola said...

Great idea for a difficult theme. I would love to see it.

Jim said...


Lucas Kain said...

Indeed. :) Love the handprint, looks like someone hit it by mistake and broke out a part of the totem.

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