Thursday, September 15, 2011

City Branch

If you've ever been to the junction of Eagle Street and Creek Street, right in the heart of Brisbane's skyscraper area, you'll notice some gigantic old fig trees in the middle of the intersection. Read all about them in the very excellent Your Brisbane Past and Present here.

I love the texture of these old aerial roots. They are sent down from the branches until they end up planting themselves in the ground forming gnarly twisted curtains. The contrast to the cars, buildings and construction that surround the trees on all sides is striking.


Jim said...

good shot

Carola said...

You captured the contrast very good. I like the texture from these trees. It must be an amazing place.

Jeannette StG said...

Love this unusual view of the street:):)

Julie said...

I like this comparison shot, Cara. I wonder if the fig trees are slowly slowly dying because of the developmet all around. Good at least that they have not been removed over the years.

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