Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last night's roasted garlic and rosemary lamb at Donna's place

It tasted even better than it looked.


Dianne said...

Looks delish Cara! -I love those little tuffs of rosemary and the glistening glaze. Yum!!

ausurfer said...

I love the photos you are posting. I wrote about your blog in a blog posting ( yesterday (concerning the coverage you did of the floods) you might get some traffic in from the USA.

Ann said...

Yum! That looks so good. Wish I could take things like this, I'm crap at food photography, always get the focus wrong.

Alan said...

Was your friend bemused by the fact that you wanted to photograph it rather than eat it? I'm sure you enjoyed both sensations!
PS - the word verification for this post has come up as "ovenreed" - spooky.

cara said...

aussurfer - I must admit I went and checked your site out this morning as it came up as a primary source of traffic so thankyou very much!

Ann - it's with my nifty fifty which I don't think I would have thought about buying if you hadn't raved about it. I am forced to manually focus the lens as my camera body is a bit too primitive but in cases like these it actually helps. I really do love that lens.

Alan - not at all. If anything she made her food work the camera it was great!

Lynette said...

I can taste it! Your photo is that good! Thanks!

Photos by Stan said...

OMG-- I have great admiration for those who can make great images of food--good show!

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