Saturday, July 31, 2010

Panorama of Brisbane, 1880

More information on this painting later... in the meantime, can you spot anything familiar or where the artist was standing when he painted it? Click on it for a closer view.

(Edit) The artist was J.A. Clark and he was standing on Bowen terrace (at what is now the Wilson Outlook Reserve) looking at the section of the river which now boasts the story bridge so well done to Jake, 'me', anonymous and no doubt tff for spotting it correctly!  Spring Hill stands out with the windmill on the left and the newly erected "old" Parliament House on the right. It's a gigantic painting - I think 5 or 6 feet long - and it hangs in the Queensland Art Gallery. Definitely worth a visit!

Talking of visits, thanks for visiting this blog today! Lovely.


the foto fanatic said...

Wow - what a find! I have some answers, but also some queries.

I'll wait until others have a go :-)


Jake Williamson said...

i'm gonna take a stab and say kangaroo point?

sharingjam said...

my guess that it is from new farm looking at where the story bridge crosses... and that in the back ground there is one of the government buildings.... am i even close?? :)

Anonymous said...

I say New Farm as well. The old windmill (@ Wickham Terrace) at the top right helps put it all in perspective.

Where is the panorama displayed?

Helen said...

I'ld say somewhere at the top end of Moray St, near Bowen St. There is the windmill, there is the old wharves (wharf st). I would guess also the creek coming into the river that gave Creek st it's name.
I'ld also guess the Treasury building...

the foto fanatic said...

Yes, looking from Bowen Terrace at New Farm across the tip of Kangaroo Point to the city.
Parliament House is visible top left, convict windmill top right. The church spire is probably the original Presbyterian church on Creek St.
Where is this painting, Cara?

cara said...

It's in the Queensland Art Gallery in South Bank. You should check it out next time you're in the area.

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