Saturday, April 17, 2010

What a Space of Waste!

Reverse Garbage on Montague Road is a rubbish idea!

In that it's a not-for-profit co-operative that takes in all sorts industrial and office bits and pieces that would normally be thrown in landfill and sells them to the public at low-cost. It also creates artwork from them and you can go into the little gallery there and have a look - it's great! The whole place is a treasure trove of carboard, metal, plastic, glass, nuts and bolts, buttons and levers. And it's stock always changes so you never know what you're going to find. You can visit their website if you fancy.


Mrs Santa said...

Whenever we go to Brisbane, it's as tho' a huge magnetic force radiates out from Reverse Garbage and Mr Santa is dragged in to look for more toys.

Anyone else noticed this?

Bill said...

Been there, you can pick up some very interesting items (if my wife isn't looking).

Unknown said...

Hi Cara! Would you mind if I used your photo? I was involved in the making of this signage, but never got a pic! Thanks, Sarah.

cara said...

Hi Sarah,

Go for it! Thanks for asking.


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