Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hop off/Hop on

Despite the unseasonable heat and humidity on Sunday, over 2000 7-15 year olds took part in the Weetbix Try-athlon. For the younger ones, there was a 100m swim, a 500m run and a 3km bike ride with double the distances for the older ones. It wasn't a race and they didn't keep times but every kid got a medal at the finish line for having a go.


Julie said...

I got caught up in a triathlon in Sydney this Sunday just gone and, boy, were they serious.

Annie said...

What a terrific idea. What a shame about the weather.

Ann said...

Good luck to them. Like the read in this, it really lifts the composition. Dont think I used the 50mm for that portrait, it was daytime so I think I had the zoom on the camera. Doesn't look quite as sharp as it would with the 50. I do like the fast lens. See if you've got a Digital Camera Warehouse in Brisbane - it was only $127 from them. Unless you are going to get serious and get the F1.4 then you start talking real money.

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