Thursday, April 14, 2016

Support The Arts

Queensland Rail has commissioned several artists over the past year to paint murals on the concrete supports that hold up the elevated railway line in South Brisbane. Today I came across the latest one which was in the process of being painted - deffo a photo opportuinity! Pity I only had my phone camera but you get the general idea. The artist is Brisbane-based graffiti artist Drapl.

The photo he was working from is of a local musician called James 'Laneous' Lane who is in a band called Laneous and The Family Yah. Triple J describes it as "Mutant Soul and Croon Punk" - what a description! When it's finished, the words will read "Raise The Vibration".

Here it is in context near the south side of the Go Between Bridge. Drapl said he's just painted the outside of the old skate arena in Red Hill. I posted a couple of pics from there a few years ago - it was attracting artists back then too -  so I'll have to re-visit and give you an update.

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