Monday, April 2, 2012

Playing Catch-up Again

Looks like it was me who was the April fool. This month's theme day was "Cobblestones". I spent all month trying to find an old laneway in the CBD that might be cobbled and in the end gave up. Then yesterday I was cycling down by the river at Riverside and stopped to take a picture of the Story Bridge when I happened to look down...Yikes! They wouldn't be old enough for horses but they look like cobble stones. Which is why I'm late.

Julie from Sydney Eye has kindly organised a back-up portal while the City Daily Photo is out of action. You can check out everyone else's take on the cobblestones theme there.

The portal is back up and running again! Hurray!

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Ann said...

Good choice for the theme. Its amazing what you find when you actually remeber to look up (or down).

bitingmidge said...

The economy of Brisbane was too poor and the countryside too devoid of suitable stone to have stone cobbles, but there were some wooden ones still surviving in my lifetime! (gasp) I just can't remember where - perhaps down the bottom of Creek Street?

On another note - I saw this on your "recent visitors" widget and got a giggle;
A visitor from London,
arrived from and viewed "Brisbane Daily Photo"

I specially like the way blogger now localises the URL's ""!

Lauren in Brisbane said...

I can't think of anywhere with cobblestones in Brisbane City... although I did hear they briefly unearthed some (along with old tram tracks) under the road at the Vulture and Boundary streets intersection when they were doing road works recently.

Anonymous said...

In the 40s much of Eagle Street was paved with wood, but I don't think the blocks were small enough to be described as cobbles. I seem to recall large drays pulled by draught horses - probably servicing the Eagle St wharves.

John S

Alan said...

Great in BW and a lovely, original composition, Cara:-)

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