Saturday, March 24, 2012

Snag A Vote!

It's State Election time today in Queensland and the competition is fierce between polling stations as far as who is offering the best food. A friend of mine said that he was going to travel around South Brisbane today doing a survey to see which polling station offered the best food! My daughter's school houses our local polling station and capitalised on the opportunity for a fundraiser so we set up some BBQs and a home made cake stall. We even put some of the kids to work, selling breakfast rolls to the queue of voters while they were standing in line... It's great having a captive audience!

On the BBQ menu today...

Sausage in bread: $2
Bacon and egg roll: $5
Rocket, haloumi and roasted tomato roll: $5


Joanna said...

What a great idea!

We just finished a vote here in Illinois, USA and there was a very poor turnout. We ought to have mandatory voting like you. I was just going to rant a little, but this is your blog and I don't want to spoil it!

Wonderful photo.

Mozette said...

Oh! Man! Was Woodridge the only place that didn't do a single bake sale????? I went to Woodridge State High School and there was no bbq, no bake sale and nothing hand-made there to buy... whereas everywhere else, they had them on all morning until around lunch.

I voted around 9:30am and that's not late either. I had some money to spend as I was off to volunteer work and wanted to take something to eat to my morning shift. What a massive let-down. :(

Ann said...

I'm sure you made a killing.

Mrs Santa said...

ABC Radio 612 asked listener/ voters to "twitter" comments about good food (or otherwise) at the booths they attended - so others would know where to best vote.

A consequence of this could be to "stuff" the statistics next election when predictions are made on results from individual booths.

Nathalie said...

Food at polling stations? Now that's something I'd never heard of. There's certainly never been anything like it here in France. How very interesting!

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