Thursday, June 10, 2010

William Jolly Bridge, Last Night

The William Jolly Bridge (aka The Grey Street Bridge) has two permanent lighthouses, built at the end of last year, set up to project slides onto it.

I'm sure I've eaten off plates with this pattern on them. 


Jim said...

I've been reading the praises of Brisbane in the newspaper this week. While we're having the Vivid Festival at the moment with various light projections and illumination in the city, many have commented on how Brisbane does a good job with projectons and lighting up public buildings, all year round.

Annie said...

mmm...Brisbane all year round, J-Bar?

Didn't know about that, apart from this latest bridge one that Cara has been featuring.

Love this one Cara. Best ever so far!

cara said...

I haven't noticed any other projections but often you get themes like for breast cancer week the casino, story bridge, brisbane eye and other buildings turn pink and then a lot of things are blue for prostate cancer week... I think they are lighting the Kurilpa bridge maroon for state of origin.

Ann said...

I like that. Its good that its not just a once a year thing.

Joanna said...

I love this little Japanese Garden projection! It's really beautiful. Thanks for updating us with photos every time it changes.

AB said...

Yes, the willow pattern. Looks pretty good on a bridge.

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