Monday, December 27, 2010

Faces Facade

Last year I posted a photo of this facade. The council knocked down most of the building leaving the facade. Well one year on, the facade is still here with nothing behind it but mud. The grass and weeds have grown tall and the local graffiti and paste-up artists have had a ball with it. See last year's photo here.


Andy said...

Interesting graffiti. Nice capture, The fence in front seems to add intrigue to photo.

Thomas Ryan said...

This is a wonderful series of photos of the before and after, and I reckon it's s shame to see our heritage treated like this. Also very bizzare in this day in age that you can leave part of a building and still say it's heritage values are intact and then knock down the rest. All that ends up happening is you get some kind of strange looking concept of the past, and in this case a ripped apart building, damaged and no longer what it was.

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