Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, The Flower And The Passion

Third time's a charm as far as my growing passionfruit goes. The other two attempts were pathetic and wilted within a month. This one is threatening to take over one whole side of the building, already covering two windows and the wall in between.

I've never got to the flower stage before so it's quite an event for me. They are so exotic looking and showy. The little red bits are some other struggling flower that is gasping for a bit of light and space but I fear isn't going to last much longer. But there's no way I'm cutting back the passionfruit plant to make room. Not until I get my first actual fruit.
Sometimes you've got to take the hardest line.


the foto fanatic said...

It's strange what memory does to you. This is a lovely photograph of a beautiful flower.

But growing up, we had a very productive passionfruit vine, and as a result, I feel that I was force-fed every passionfruit dish known to mankind.

Consequently I now hate the stuff!

Brisbane Shopfitters said...

lovely looking flowers. may you enjoy a plentiful harvest

Paul said...

If this flower is anything to go by you should get lots of fruit. Nice photo, reminds me of the sun. Here in Yorkshire we have snow and coldest December since records began. frozen Yorkshire Paul

Annie said...

You'll have to watch out it doesnt come in through the window, Cara. Must be all the rain.

Do you have to self pollinate passionfruit? I have a little gnawing memory in my brain. Just looked it up on google (under passionfruit pollination) check there, in case you don't start to get the fruit...they say humid weather is best, (good) but hand pollination could sometimes be neecessary.

Annie said...

ps great photo Cara, forgot to say!

cara said...

Hi Annie, thanks for that! If the mother plant I got the cutting from around the corner is anything to go by, the fruit don't need any help in growing. Perhaps we have the right bees round here. Naturally, if I get a fruit, it's going straight on the blog so watch this space.

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