Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lovely Weather We're Having!


Andy said...

Kids always seem to have the most fun in the rain. Nice capture.

NAT DUNCAN said...

Cara! You've just captured one of your blog followers!!

We saw the big black clouds and thought it was a good opportunity to go out to play!

Yes, the kids had the BEST time.

cara said...

Ha! Brilliant! Is that you with the umbrella? I was a bit aimless with the camera pointing out onto the road just trying to capture how strong the rain was and then... well you lot came along and it was perfect!

paddy said...

Haha! excellent.
Barefoot in heavy rain is always a great feeling

NAT DUNCAN said...

Cara, Yes that's me with the Umbrella and my 3 kidlets.
There was a lot of squealing and joy. (and a lot of washing when I got home ) Thanks for the random snap. You've made our week.

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