Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love, Fish, Banksy and Other Stuff

On our way back from dinner last weekend, we ended up hanging out in a neighbour's garden that we didn't know listening to live music (as you do). On one of the walls was this flyer. When I asked about it, I was told Love and Fish are graffiti artists who are having an exhibition which starts today. I'm interested in the idea of graffiti artists being exhibited conventionally like this and getting famous. Look at Banksy - his stuff is worth an absolute fortune now and there is a major scandal if someone accidentally wipes it off. He's had exhibitions in major galleries and people pay good money to see his stuff. Increasingly, artists seem to be using graffiti as a foothold to get noticed... and appealing to a much wider audience because their work is so public. But once they are noticed and their prints are being sold, the whole street-art thing isn't as prolific. I suppose graffiti doesn't pay the rent.

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