Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Check the Radar, Love!

Most people I know in Brisbane, me included, love to go onto the Bureau of Meteorology website to see what's happening with the local weather. Here's a snapshot of what was happening yesterday here with rain over a large part of south-east Queensland. Properties and towns in other parts of the state have been inundated - you can check out a quick video report here.

I don't think those clothes on my line are ever going to dry!


Shop Fittings said...

and here i was thinking it never rained in queensland

biebkriebels said...

That looks terrible, poor people.

Annie said...

That's why the old "Queenslanders" (houses on stilts for those not in the know) were invented...they let the breeze underneath to cool off upstairs, and plenty of space to hang the clothes.
A bit breezy in the winter, but then winter doesn't last long here. About a week I think! ;-)

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