Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas!

This is James -  probably the happiest, cheeriest Big Issue seller ever anywhere. I've never seen him without a smile and he always has a kind word for passers by whether you buy the magazine or not. Happy Christmas from him - and me.

By the way, if you pass a Big Issue vendor selling those funny calenders for only $5, they are a great buy.


Steffe said...

He does look a bit happy. Merry Christmas.

Shopfitters Brisbane said...

merry christmas and thanks for all your beautiful visual treats every day!

Ken Mac said...

Merry Christmas Cara!

Paul said...

Much bigger smile than any here that I have seen recently, but I guess the snow and very cold freezing weather has taken it out on them. I always thought this was a UK only magazine.
Have a Merry Christmas Cara. Paul at Leeds daily photo

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