Friday, January 1, 2010

January Theme Day: Changes

Happy New Year!!

On the first day of each month, City Daily Photo bloggers around the world post pictures with a common theme. This month's theme is Changes.

These are the changing rooms grouped around the lovely old Spring Hill Baths.

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Thanks for visiting! I'm away at the moment... back on Tuesday 12th Jan


Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Changing rooms! Funny.

I should be at the gym swimming right now.
Three Rivers Daily Photo

Joan Elizabeth said...

Hi Cara, I can smell the water and feel is warm embrace on my skin ... used to do a lot of swimming when I lived in Queensland ... I love the way you remind me of those days through your beautiful captures ... Happy New Year.

Julie said...

A good angle upon a theme, Cara. I especially like here that you knelt down to give the vertical(?) lines dominance in the resulting image.

Happy New Year to you and yours. I value our connection.

Hilda said...

That is a lot of changing rooms! Love all the blues in your picture.

Have a safe and wonderful trip. Happy New Year!

Steve Capelin said...

Cara, it's a weird world. I found your site via a comment left on my blog by a UK blogger living in the south of France who follows Sydney Eye who, in turn, lists you. And I live in West End BrisVegas - and you're from London. Ironic times 5.
Anyway love your photos. Now I have to find that vacant block with the grafitti. It's not the one on Boundary Street. Could be off Montague road somewhere. I feel a walk coming on.

Julie said...

inviting water and it is great to have changing rooms! Happy New Year and I wish you many photographic opportunities in 2010.

IamMBB said...

Good illustration of change. The water looks inviting too!

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